Let us Stain & Seal Your Deck for Years and Years of Durability

Staining wood decks is a crucial part of the maintenance process. Staining protects your deck from weathering, drying, warping, and other natural weathering. It will protect your deck and keep it looking nice for years to come.

Our professional grade penetrating oil stains protect your deck from water, moisture and also the damaging UV rays from the sun. The pigments that give the stain it's color also work to reflect the UV light away from the wood. A clear sealer will protect the wood from moisture and water, but will quickly allow the wood to turn gray from the ultra-violet light. Our stains also contain both drying and non-drying oils that allow it to not only seal, but also condition the wood to reduce cracking and warping.

It is also important to remember that even the best stain or sealer is only as good as the surface it is applied to. Many companies will try to reduce the cost of their services by simply blasting your wood with high pressure water without the use of any cleaners or conditions. This is always the first step to failure. Using the proper cleaners will allow us to remove any old deck stains or sealers, kill any mold or mildew, and restore the wood to a better than new appearance.

Mr. Deck Stain & Seal Process

Step 1 - We apply our special stripping agents to break down any pre-exiting stain or sealer. All surfaces will be carefully washed using high pressure washer to rinse away the stripping agents and remove as much of the old stain or sealer as possible. This might take a couple of times depending on previous product used.

Step 2 - Mr. Deck then applies brightening and neutralizing components. All surfaces will be rinsed a second time using a high volume pressure washer. We are very careful with this procedure to make sure it's done right. We cover all plants, furniture and any other items to protect them from chemicals. You can observe and see we cover all the areas that need to be covered.

Step 3 - Next, all surfaces will then be treated with mold cleaner to attack any remaining mold spores hidden within the grain of the wood. All surfaces will be rinsed for a third time to ensure the removal of all of our proprietary cleaning and stripping products. We take our time in this step. We care about the deck surface to last longer.

Step 4 - After setting any protruding nails or screws flush with the deck floor, Mr. Deck will thoroughly sand the deck's surfaces to remove any raised grain. This is to try to sand off any remaining pre-existing stain or sealer that survived the cleaning & stripping process. We take this step serious making sure every inch is cover.

Step 5 - Finally, we apply 100% oil based, semi-transparent strain. Stain will be sprayed on for an even application and back brushed to work the stain into the grain of the wood. High traffic areas, such as deck floor, steps and top hand rails, will receive two coats of stain applied wet on wet for additional protection.

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